Used Glycolic peel 70% for 2 Min Bleed Burnt and Blistered

I bought 70% glycolic acid made by Beverly hills. ...

I bought 70% glycolic acid made by Beverly hills. I put on my face for two min the burning and raised white skin then bleeding I nutralized it right away w water and washed off. All night my face burnt and oozed liquid it was gross. Not to mention today red raised scabby blistering face. Wow. All I have used so far is Aquaphor. Tomorrow I'm
Going to a spa she is going to try and help
For free since i Dj for them. I was told not to pick scratch or wash w a rag. Ugh I only did this because I wanted to make my old acne scars less visible. Hopefully it heals soon I am
A Dj this is embarrassing I can't even wear makeup. Any suggestions. Only god knows why I didn't buy 30% not 70.

70% glycolic peel 2 min 2 weeks later still healing.

Well the burning and raw bleeding skin laste a week. Now it's scabby getting better w honey on my face helped the burning feeling and vasoline. This has been horrible but I think it will be better here real soon. I used 70% glycolic acid 100% buffered from
eBay. Never again maybe 30% in the future.

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Next time use a neutralizer ..water will not do the trick. A 70 % peel should not leave you oozing.I do them every ten days and never have hot spots. I am also an esthetician but still...After my peel I rinse with cool water then neutralize with a neutralizing spray. I then pat my face gently with a paper towel.I do not use a regular towel because one never knows if the soap that is left in the towel will affect the rawness of the skin. I am very cautious. I do three passes over every area. I leave on no more than 4 minutes. I buy a jar of glycolic 70% every month. Its 15 dollars. Thats 5 dollars per peel.
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Hi How have you healed since the peel?
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Oh yikes, that sounds like it would be pretty dang uncomfortable! How are you doing now?

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Much better after two weeks. Now I'm Wearing makeup. I still have some scabbing and light bleeding from The nose to the upper lip that smile area. But Aquaphor and honey have been a helper amen. Looking 80% better.
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Glycolic is more danflgerlus then tca I think because is does not frost and like tca dies and keeps burning through your skin the whole time..I like 25% tca peel...
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