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I kept the wrap on for 5 hrs. When I removed the...

I kept the wrap on for 5 hrs. When I removed the wrap there was a noticable red mark on my skin where the wrap was. I ignorned it thinking it would just fade away, which it didn't. The next day the red mark worsened and was so uncomfortable. It's been 4 days since I used the wrap and I still have itching and reddness that is warm to touch. Anyone else with this issue?
Same thing happened to me. Had it on for the recommended 45 mins, took it off and was fine. However, the next evening I had a rash in the exact same shape as the wrap. It was itchy and bumpy. Took about a week for it to finally go away. Did some research and It Works website says some people will develop a rash due to some immense detoxifying. I thought I was allergic to it, but decided to give it one more try anyway. Second time around (about 3 weeks later) I did NOT have the same reaction. There was no rash at all.
Before you start any Wrap you should always detox
The wraps have menthol in them and over 9 natural plant extracts, you could be sensitive to any of the ingredients. I wouldnt recommend you use another one for sure; if you are having a contact dermatitis/localized allergic reaction basic first aid would suggest an over the counter cortisone cream or a cream witj benedryl should help.
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