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I am an 'almost' 48 year old, divorced, working...

I am an 'almost' 48 year old, divorced, working mom of one wonderful 16 year old daughter. Like many on this site, breast feeding and age have taken their toll. I have wanted a lift for a long time and am looking forward to that with some augmentation to give me back some semblance of what I had. I am 60 hours and counting to my procedure and have found so much wonderful information on this site and know I will need support over the next few weeks so here I am!

Hollywood Plastic Surgeon

A good friend went to him and loved his results. Also his reputation and credentials are stellar!

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Hi I'm also having surgery with dr Shuster I was wondering how everything went I'm super nervous and this being that my surgery is 3 weeks away and I'm super nervouse imagine when it's one day away. Please let me know how things went with your surgery with dr Shuster thx u
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I had exactly the same sentence on my mind "It's time! " when I got on mine.
Good luck Sarah, hope all will go well :)
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Hooray! Thanks for starting your story with us. I'm thinking today is your surgery since you wrote this review Friday. When you're up to it, please let us know how you're feeling and what sort of implants you went with. Remember, the first few days are the hardest, and then it gets better.

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