Breast Lift with Implants and Rhinoplasty - Hollywood, FL

Hi everyone I'm super nervous about this procedure...

Hi everyone I'm super nervous about this procedure that's why I decided to be on here to see other peoples experiences. July 19 is my scheduled day I'm not sure if I'm doing the right thing or not but we will see I honestly think its cuz of my two kids I just don't want anything to happen to me I know I'm a lil nutty thinking that way but I know also that it is normal to feel this way right ??


I completely understand how you feel! My BL w/Aug is scheduled for july 9, and i've gone back and forth from completely calm (& excited it's finally happening) to letting the nerves get the best of me. I'm a mom too, and it's natural to have a little bit of doubt in the back of your mind. We always think of our children first, and worrying about them is part of our job. But realistically speaking, we'd probably have more chance of getting into a car accident on the way there than to have anything go wrong during the surgery. I just keep remembering that many other moms before me have gone through it w/o a hitch; now it's our turn!
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Thx u so much for your advice u are 100% right u have really helped me feel better I hope your surgery tomorow comes out great let me know how you feel that way I know what to expect from the lift and aug Im having on the 19 best luck to you thx u pence again for your words of encouragement

Yes, it is SO normal to feel that way. Why are you getting a breast lift? Is it due to the after effects of pregnancy?

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