Swelling After Day 5 - Holland, Netherlands

6 days ago a had a mixto sx ( fractional co2...

6 days ago a had a mixto sx ( fractional co2 laser)
day 1: it felt very hot for 4 hours
day 2: i looked brown
day 3: itchy and a little bit swollen
day 4: skin came of a little bit
day 5: under my cheecks very swollen since i woke up ( i slept flat)
today day 6: my whole skin is new, pink, looks good, less wrinkles.... but still very swollen...
yesterday i went to my dr and he said this is normal...
i'm a little bit worried about infection, because the swelling came around day 5.... i cannot come outside because of the swelling. is this normal? sorry for my english :-)

Thank you so much for posting your review, I understand you are concerned about infection due to swelling 5th day post treatment. We do have a Doctors Q&A section that you can post a question, feel free to ask what they think. 

Please keep us posted on your progress :)

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