Hopefully Going from Fat to Flat in Less then a Month:) - Hoffman Estates, IL

Hello ladies!! I've decided to finally have a TT...

Hello ladies!! I've decided to finally have a TT with lipo on my flanks. I've struggled with my weight almost my entire life after having my son my stomach never went down... it's so gross I can't even bare looking at myself. I get asked when I'm due all the time! I'm 5'1 and 170lbs so my main concern is if I should weight and try to lose more weight but that seems unrealistic since the tummy never leaves!!! I'm so nervous.... My pre op appointment is next Tuesday and I will be asking way more questions! I'll post some pre op pics as well... good luck everyone..... Oh almost forgot I feel as if paying $9800.oo is too much money!!!

Renee Burke

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Hey girl good luck to you!!! I also live in IL very close to you. I'm thinking of going out of the country for tummy tuck either Mexico or Domenician Republic.
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Thank you!! So nervous!! I checked into going out of the country but I feel more comfortable here and being able to go home the next day. I heard of another ps in Arlington Heights that I'm going to check out 2moro they have their own operating room. I don't think I'm going to switch ps but I would like to see what their offering.
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No problem with checking out other PS prices and their work. Keep us updated on your journey. I will update my story. I picked going out of the country more bang for the buck. Just waiting on one quote then to make up my mind. I like both doctors MX is alittle more money but less time they recommend you to be there versa Domenician Republic they require more time there but less money. Just confused!!
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