Hives, Hot Sun?

Worth it--MAYBE! I went to Fig in Buckhead, GA....

Worth it--MAYBE! I went to Fig in Buckhead, GA. All the staff have had the procedure, and they look great. The nurses there do NOT seem to be "cons." In fact, when I returned for my 2nd treatment, the nurse said she's a health professional first and formost, and she would not give me my second injection. She said to go straight to my doctor. BACKGROUND: I had one Lipodissolve treatment on my face. The pain was minimal. I did NOT tell my husband. After two weeks, he said I lost a little weight in my face! After three weeks, I spent a day in the hot sun. I broke out in a rash, like hives. The biopsy said it was an allergic reaction to meds OR Lupus. Then the dermatologist sent me for a Lupus blood test. I have not heard the results yet. But I do know it was the very next day after being in the hot sun that I broke out. I am more inclined to think it's ASPERTAME poisoning. I am discouraged to hear about the problems w/refunds after reading here. I really want to try it again, and stay out of the sun, then see what happens. Has anyone else had a similar reaction to Lipodissolve?I am looking forward to replies. THANKS, Rebekah
I would like to talk with you. I had lipodisolve 2 times and am having tons of symptoms like having lupus. Which I am currently being tested for. Please let me know if you can talk. DD
Did you ever find out what was going on with you and whether it had anything to do with lipo dissolve? Also did you use fig?
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