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Gummys r new here in the us but Im leaning there...

Gummys r new here in the us but Im leaning there way w silicone as a runner up. I had my masectomy back in july in my sick boob, and now last week I had a 2nd masectomy on the healthy one as a procrotin.
I am 5'6 and at this point 140 Lbs. but determined to loose the 10lbs of steriod chub I gained during chemo.. I want natural. Not big. I was a floppy B before as I had 3 kids.. Im thinking small c , its very hard for me because i have no breast tissue.. I currently have expanders - 400cc in the right and 100 in the right and need to play catch up, maybe itll b easier to tell having 2 filled evenly.. And the teardrop gummys are a good option? Help.. I dont have a clue!


I have heard many women taking a precaution like yourself with their healthy breast. Hope you've been able to manage the pain with your expanders.

Here is a link from our ReaSelf Doctor Q&A that may be of interest to you:

How Do I Choose the Best Size Implants After Mastectomy?

It sounds like your doctor would be your best resource on the type of implant but perhaps the community will have additional input for you.

Don't worry about the 10lbs...I'm sure that will melt away in time! Take care!

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