Dissapointed in Eyeliner and Brows - Hilton Head Island, SC

I have wanted perm makeup for years. We moved to...

I have wanted perm makeup for years. We moved to an active adult community in SC and I went to a perm makeup seminar...I was convinced. I had eyeliner upper and lower and eyelash enhancement done...very painful even with topical anesthetic. 90% of color was gone after a week and I followed directions exactly. My hair is auburn and my eyebrows are gray and are solid looking, no soft feather strokes.

I go back in 5 weeks but have a feeling I will not get good results. Any recommendations on a perm makeup expert in NJ?

I hope I am not too late in replying. I would make an apt to talk to her with your concerns before letting her work on you again. If your eyebrows are already undesirable, she can make it worse IF she is unskilled. One thing I cannot stress enough to consumers is "do your homework".Interview a few artists before choosing.Ask to look at their portfolio and look for detailed examples.Ask about their training.They should have many months of training not a few days. IYou cannot trust that all "technicians" have good training. There are a few reasons that your eyeliner did not stay.Mostly it is the technicians fault. Once in a great while we might get a client who's skin simply will not hold pigment. The tech should know how to use anesthetics properly through out, keeping the procedure tolerable. It takes a skilled tech to apply eyeliner well.It sounds as though she did not get a good stretch so the pigment could be deposited where it would stay. Were you expecting "feathered" eyebrows? What looks best IMO ,especially on mature skin is a soft powdered look. It ages well,and does not have that stamped-on look. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.
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Not enough discussion on color or what final results should look like.

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