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A little about me....27 years old, 5'2", weight...

A little about me....27 years old, 5'2", weight varies anywhere from 108-115. I am a keeper of 2 little angels 3 and 1 years old; breast fed both and they sucked my boobs goodbye. I am getting silicone implants, ultra-high profile due to how narrow/slim my chest area is. Before kids I was a 34D now I am barely a pancake-y 32c. I am wanting a D cup back, but I don't want to look like holy shit it's Pam Anderson lol. I do want to have a nice rack though. I can't figure out if I should go with 430 cc or 450 cc. And I am going under muscle so I know that will make them seem a smudge smaller. Please help!
It's been a little under 3 months since surgery, and I couldn't be happier with the results. They look great, feel real, and I have no problems at all associated with the surgery. I feel great, a lot more confident than I did before, and I no longer look at myself and see breast feeding/deflated boobs.

Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf! I am so excited for you! Do you have help lined up for the kiddos during your recovery? We'd love to see a photo if you're comfortable posting one. Keep us posted!

I would go 430cc, I am about your height/weight and nursed 2 children... my PS told me that about 150cc would most likely bring me up a full cup size because I am small.

Photos if wanted

If y'all want to see before and after photos just let me know and I will send them
Denver Plastic Surgeon

I was referred to him by a friend of mine who has used him and is very satisfied with him. I am happy as well with him and his staff and feel confident to go through with the surgery.

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