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Four Days into Invisalign - OUCH! - Highland Park, IL

Haven't been able to eat too well. I have a cross...

Haven't been able to eat too well. I have a cross bite so I have bit the heck out of the inside of my cheek. Bottom center teeth hurt so bad when I eat. Went to my doctor of osteopathy the day after getting my Invisalign and he said he didn't like braces because they put too much pressure on the skull and throw off your whole system.
The SILVER LINING is that I need to lose weight so I am hoping the Invisalign result in a nice weight loss...I can hope right?
Hope it gets better!


Oh :( cheek bites are the worst, sorry to hear that is happening.

As you probably noticed, a lot of people talk about weight loss with their Invisalign. It wouldn't surprise me at all if you got that little side effect...or perk, depending on how you look at it. I'll be hoping with you. :)

How are you doing with taking your trays in and out? Has that been a challenge for you at all?

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