Help! About to Have My Consultation - Hickory, NC

Im currently 19 years old with a size 32b bra, i...

im currently 19 years old with a size 32b bra, i have a big butt and need boobs to match! I have set up my consultation for tomorrow morning. I do have some questions if someone could please assit me. 1) about how long after your consultation is it until the surgery? 2) and about what size would be recommended?


If you live in NC I would have Dr Cummings in Kinston NC do your surgery!! All he does is breast and lipo!! He is an artist!! I live in Raleigh and had mine done there!! They are amazing and look so natural. It is a drive but so worth it, I had gone to 9 other doctors prior!! Good luck!!
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Hello him. You will find that the waiting time from consultation to surgery time will vary from one practice to another. In regards to size, it will be very important to discuss your goals carefully with your plastic surgeon. In my practice, I find the use of goal pictures helpful in this communication process. discussing cup size can be a source of miscommunication. Make sure that you see lots of examples of his/her work as well. Also, make sure you learn about the potential risk/complications associated with breast surgery. Best wishes. Tom Pousti M.D.
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Where are you going for yours? I live in Jacksonville and have been searching for surgeons online.
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