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I have scheduled a tummy tuck with Dr. Bass from...

I have scheduled a tummy tuck with Dr. Bass from Vanity Cosmetic Surgery. I am really nervous, mainly about how it's going to turn out, if they do it right. Does anyone have any insights? Has anyone had any experience with this doctor or with this cosmetic center? I would also like to have a thigh lift but this doctor doesn't do that. Has anyone had one done before? Does anyone recommend a cosmetic center or doctor in the Miami area?


How was your procedure with dr bass? Did you get what u expected?
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I am scheduled with him also in April. I am nervous too, mainly because I have tried to find reviews about him and there are basically none and only a couple of pictures of his work
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I'm scheduled for a tummy tuck and lipo on my flanks for March 7th with Dr. Bass as well.
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Pembroke Pines Plastic Surgeon

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