Gastric Band Day Approaching, Currently on Pre-op Diet - Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

I have been overweight for the most part of 35...

I have been overweight for the most part of 35 years and life has been getting increasingly more difficult with the weight. I am suffering alot of pain in my joints and feel so tired all the time and unable to bend over and do the smallest of things like cut my toe nails. My self esteem is also at an all time low!

I am booked to go in for my Gastric band on July 8th 2011. I am currently on the two week pre-op diet to try and shrink my liver. This is hard! I think the minute you know you are on a diet you are more hungry. I not doing to bad, I just hope it has helped.

Dr Richardson, The Hospital Group

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Im booked in for my band on the 17th July with the same group as you GOOD LUCK to you Im worried because Iam actually on holiday prior to my band being fitted pre- op dieting is going to be hard for me any suggestions?
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Wow your brave going on hols on Pre-op diet but I gues we better get used to it. Iv had to move my band day to the 15th July because of work commitments but iv started the Pre-op diet a week ago cus I'm so excited! I'm from southport near Liverpool. I'm getting the band in Birmingham and iv used the hostpital group. Who are you going with? How has your G.P been with you about getting the band?

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Hi Penny2
I am going with the hospital group the same as you and I am at Birmingham.
The holiday is over, cut down really did plenty of walking,swimming I live in hope that my weight is down ready for the op. Been thinking of you today avin the op mine is coming up quick now I CANT WAIT !!! Not been to see the doctor but I am not worried about it I am doing it for me anyway besides I am fed up of trying every diet on the planet and getting nowhere.
Please let me know how you get on x

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Good luck to both of you ladies, I hope everything goes well for you. Please do come back and let us know how things go!

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Im hoping to get my band on the 8th, I'm just sorting payment. Have you found your doctor helpful about getting the band or obstructive? I'm 33 in the same situation, iv had a weight problem all my life. Iv started my per op diet now even tho I haven't confirmed the date...can't hurt can it! I'm very excited but iv heard horror story's about slippage that might cost me more money than iv got. Hope all goes well x
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Hi Odewinks, thanks for your review!

Not long now until the big day, you must be excited and a little bit nervous. good luck with the surgery and please stick around and share the rest of your journey with us!

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Good luck, odewinks! I hope your op goes well.

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