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Bad Doctor for Breast Lift - Henderson, NV

I had breast implants for 25 years and i wanted to...

i had breast implants for 25 years and i wanted to change them,they where sagging and had a bit of rippling,they where salin and they where 535cc.i thought i do reserch and i found this doctor in vegas.henderson area.he was in magazines had great reviews all. well people lie,he had poor manners didnt say much quiet.i told him what i wanted was to change my implants and he said i should do sillicon gell great.said less ripple talked the talk but what i got was nothing like i had.he mad them smaller areola looks like hell,i went back to him after 4 months and said i was not happy with them and i wanted them fullerplus one was smaller then other..he said he couldnt i asked why and he said he couldnt.he started telling me that they looked good i showed him that they are all rippled and they look like hell.he still wouldnt offer me no opions.i paid for somthing that im very unhappy with,i hate them i wish i would have left them as is,bit saggy,you think that he would do as i asked since they are mine and im so unhappy.. this doctor does not do good work he is a freak.

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Come Stai

No I am not. I really appreciate your post and your concern.

By you living in Vegas I think you may understand what I mean by the following. At the risk of sounding like I am generalizing or bashing a group of individuals, there is a sad reality here in Vegas that appears to have extended into our medical community. This is the mindset that if you have the opening to take advantage of someone, you would be the fool for not doing so. It's a crap shoot choosing a professional to do a service. More times than not you will be ripped off some how, and it gets tiring having to always have your guard up. I can't believe what dentistry has come to in this state. It's like taking my car in to the shop for estimates on a repair, or worse yet purchasing one. While seeking out plastic surgery I have seen a few people that have been treated in the same manner. So far my experiences have been very good. I hope to God that I choose the right one. I may go out of state.

I am very sorry for your experiences.

Your Neighbor
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Hello Italia Italia Cugina,

Thank you very much. I am very grateful for your post. This has become a pretty important site. I had written that doctor and they had called me for a consultation.

I hope everything works out for you.
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Hello Cugina
i hope your not planning to go to this freak!
i didnt get the part where you said they called you for consultaion..
anyways not sure what your doing but be carefull.
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Thank you for the information. I am sorry that you had poor results.

I live in Las Vegas. Are you able to say who your doctor was so I could avoid him?
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hi the place is called surgispa.the location is henderson ..
the doctors name is Dr Camberio MD first name Arthur..
stay away from him he is a real butcher,im not saying that cause i want to be mean,
the real truth is he is really bad and he does not care about you ,he is not good at all..
dont even waste your time..i know there are better doctors then him in vegas,,just my bad luck ..
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I'm sorry you weren't happy with the results of your breast lift! It probably was about time to switch them out at 25 years, but you definitely want to be happy with what you get. Thank you for sharing your experience with us here on RealSelf.

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