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Tried Botox Twice - Ended Up with Droopiness Both Times - Michigan

I have had botox with a reaction of dropping...

I have had botox with a reaction of dropping forehead so much that the I could not wear eyeshadow. and one eye that dropped so I looked weird for months.....why? You can see the right eye is slopping...or more closed. I am the one in white.

I had botox twice. The 1st time I had it in my forehead. my eyebrows dropped. could not put on eyeshadow. The next time is said no forhead. So the dr. put it between my eyes,and the one eye lid dropped for months..... why? is it my reaction or the Dr.s poor choice of spots to give the botox? He is a Plastic surgeon Does beautiful work on Breast and other body parts. I am scared and confused. Please explain.


Botox Cosmetic may migrate partially to affect other facial muscles which were not intended. Normally, small doses of Botox are injected at very specific sites to affect specific muscles to improve facial wrinkles. Occasionally, this Botox moves a bit away from the injection site and weakens other muscles. Most commonly the upper eyelid becomes droopy after Botox injections in between the eyebrows or Crow's feet. It's important not to massage the face immediately after Botox treatment. Crow's feet Botox treatment may also affect the smile & upper lip movement too. Unintended facial weakness from Botox treatment will recover. Muscle activity returns once the Botox activity is gone, which is usually 3-4 months. Eye drops are available to treat upper eyelid ptosis (droopy) from Botox treatment.
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Lid drop after Botox is uncommon but it does occur. If it's happened more than once with the same doctor, you might try seeing a different person for it. Factors such as dilution of the Botox can affect the result, but more often than not the problem lies in where and how it was injected. A good result requires a decent understanding of technique and facial anatomy. All the best, --DCP
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Not sure why it would happen..... I like this Dr.

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