Face is Still Beefy Red from Co2 Laser

I had co2 laser around my mouth and chin for fine...

I had co2 laser around my mouth and chin for fine lines and some acne scars 11 days ago. I'm still beefy red. I also have bumps like acne from using the aquaphor my Dr. reccommended. This petrolium base type products make me break out. Can you suggest anything to speed the healing process that won't cause me to break out?


i,m using vaseline .,,.had my dot co2 laser done 3 days ago,.,.i feel ichy and it,s still red of course, .,.,i too had my mouth chin and neck done..,,.the lips are good and the open pores on my chin have gone.,,.,,i,m wondering if i can use my usual moisturiser like ''dove ''or ''nivea'' at least i,m not any side effects from the vaseline,.,.,for now that is !!!
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What else are you using for the redness
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