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Help with Droopy Eyelid

Last Friday i had botox for my forehead and on wed...

last Friday i had botox for my forehead and on wed. had difficulty opening my left eye. The lid is about 1/3 closed eyelid part very smooth. How long will it be before the eye returns to normal.

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it was something that can happen

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I had botox done abt week and half ago. everything seemed fine till i made it to fiji where i was to shoot for a movie... and my right eyelid is drooping... it is really so terrible to look at especially i have very big eyes.... and the difference is so obvious. The doc who did it is USA..he was informed before had about my movie etc... he ij=njected right above my eyebrows.... never again..at this rate I shoud be suing him...coz i lost a movie deal...
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When I got injected above my eyebrow, that's when it happened. Several days later...my eye drooped. Wore tinted glasses everywhere to hide it. It lasted 2 1/2 months. Never let the Doctor inject above your eyebrows. Depending how much he used, will determine the length of time before your lid will start lifting. Get in touch with the Botox Company that was used, and let them know....truly sorry about your movie deal. I do Makeup Artistry and have been on many shoots. You just may possibly have a case!
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I am still suffering with a drooped right eyelid and it has been 24 days.....I do not even see a slight difference which I am praying for everyday. My positive attitude is weakening and I am still hiding from the public as much as possible. I am tired of all my dark glasses and want to just throw them out already!! It will be hard for me to ever trust a "Botox" Doctor again.....This eyelid problem seems to be growing too rapidly with many of us....I really need some sincere encouragement at this point. Thanks!
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I've had botox several times in the last year going every 3 months for treatments if not every 2. However with the last 2 treatments I noticed my right lid relaxing a bit too much and awoke one morning with it literally hanging to the side. It's now been almost 3 months and I'm relieved to say it's now going back to normal. The more botox I receive the more my skin has been sagging in all areas. I sincerely believe that too much botox doesn't let us move our muscles in these areas and therefore they start to lose their muscle tone just like the rest of our body when it does get the proper excercise. The only problem is we can't exercise our facial features to tone or we all wouldn't need any of these over priced beauty fixes.
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The sad thing is, no one can tell you how long it will take for your eye to return to normal. I am dealing with the exact same thing. My left eye is 1/3 of the way closed and the lid looks almost swollen. It's very disheartening to have a procedure done that's supposed to make you look better, and instead you look worse! If someone could just tell me when my eye will be better, I think I could deal with it. There isn't a definite answer to your question. Try to take comfort knowing that it won't last forever. Also, you're not alone. It will get easier to deal with every day that goes by. I'm on day 10. I wish you the best!
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Thanks for your words of support, I did get the drops today so far don't notice anything different. Keep me posted on how you are doing.
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