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Botox Has Caused Brows to Drop

Hated lines across my forehead and the furrow...

Hated lines across my forehead and the furrow between my brows and I wanted a smoother appearance but did not think my brows would drop to the extent they have. I had one brow that dropped straight away and it looked awful against the other brow so i went back and they injected more into the raised brow. This then dropped so both are now very heavy causing terrible eye strain I feel tired all the time with it.

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I also had mine done by a certified provider. It is no guarantee of a good result. I have several unsightly and uncomfortable results from the botox including dropped eyebrows and puffy upper eyelids. My forehead feels like cement. I am considering getting a Tua Viso to stimulate and strengthen the muscles when they start to re-engage. It is only week 3 for me so I have ages to wait. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with devices such as the Tua Viso to speed up recovery from a bad botox experience? I would be grateful for any advice as I don't want to make it any worse.
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Had Botox, 3 zones in forehead. had lstt weight and started seeing lines in forehead and was determined to get Botox'd. Sorry i did. It hurt for one and i was bruised and swollen and sore for a week. have headaches daily. Biggest bad affect is that my brows and lids dropped. I have deepset eyes and now i have skin hanging on my eyelids clear to the lashes. When I called the Dr.s office i got the "well it happens" would have been nice if the Dr would have told me that to start with. I would have preferred the lines. Now I have to wait the 3 months to look better, I HOPE.
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I had botox injections for the 1st time and really regret it. I look absolutely horrible. I was surprised when I went in for my appointment that a nurse was doing the procedure. I should have walked out because she gave me too much and now my eyelid is droopy and I hate the way I look. I called in a frantic way and the Dr. took me in immediately, he put injections on the other side to now make my eyes look the same. Now I have 2 droopy eyes instead of one. I cannot tell you how upset that I am! For those reading this and have never had it done, please have a certified plastic surgeon do the procedure. I hope my eyes go back to normal. I'll take wrinkles any day over the droopy eyelids!!!!!
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I had a board certified plastic surgeon do my botox, and both of my eyebrows have dropped. My eyes look horrible and I hate the way I look too. My forehead is smooth, but my upper eyelids are heavy and saggy. So just because a board cert. PS is doing the procedure, doesn't mean you will get good results. Being board certified doesn't make them automatically good at it.
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Well, 6 months after the Botox I am happy to post that the Botox has worn off. The "Owl Eyes" have gone and remarkably, the lines I had are still gone. The first 6 or 7 weeks i looked like an OWL...some said I looked exotic to be nice. Would i do again? hummm, don't know. Now I am considering the Lifestyle Lift, but sounds pretty scarry from the posts I have read tonight. Anyone from West Palm Beach have a good Dr to recommend?
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