Replacing Large Implantech Silicone Chin Implant

Mostly comfortable and easy procedure and quick...

mostly comfortable and easy procedure and quick healing period. some swelling and pain but manageable. was prescribed vicodin but didnt need it, took tylenol instead. did it to balance out face.

i currently have a large implantech silicone implant in. its only been a couple weeks post op so i know its too soon but if in the future i dont like it, how easy is it to replace it with a smaller one? any risks?


Most of the doctors' answers on questions similar to yours suggest that you can get it removed any time after the swelling goes down. Here are those threads, which explain a bit more:

How soon can chin implant be replaced?

How soon can a chin implant be removed?

How easy is chin implant removal?

Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

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cool thanks. is there a way to delete the question?
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nice guy, nice staff. havent seen the final results yet but based on everything else, i recommend him.

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