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I'm always have in my self to look good one day in...

I'm always have in my self to look good one day in the future.and think now is time. I have 5 kids,my younger one is 2, I'm 43 years old,and ready to start in my self. I'm nerves about any surgery,but also know is what I want to do,and I know after the procedure I will be feel much better on my self.


Hi Hawaii I also live in Hawaii and had upper eyes done 5weeks ago and healing up good and it gets better everyday. Ice is the key! Would say that I am happy I had it done!
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I'm from HI too, and I just had a lower bleph done on 2/13. I was looking to get rid of excess skin under my eyes.Whenever I smiled, I had a ridiculous amount of wrinkles! So it's been three days since I've gotten it done, and I am swollen and bruised, but not as bad as I thought I'd be. I just had the stitches removed this morning (2/16), and it looks much better now. My eyes look symmetrical so far, but I am a little nervous about the fact that it looks smaller than normal. I had big brown almond-shaped eyes to begin with. The doctor tells me that it looks small due to swelling and that my eye shape and size will not be affected. I go back to work in a few days, so I hope that I heal a little faster so I can be presentable. I'm at the "wait and see" stage, since really, it is way too soon to judge the results. I'm praying and hoping for the best....
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Wish you the best of luck. Im thinking about having lower eye surgery. Like you kind nerves just thinking about it. I had botox eight months ago and it left me with bags under my eyes. That is why im considering it..
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