Should I Do It or Not? Scared They Will Be Too Big - Hawaii

Ok. I have my BA schedule for this Tues 7/3....but...

Ok. I have my BA schedule for this Tues 7/3....but I'm considering canceling! I nursed my 2 children & went from a perky 32B to saggy/deflated 32B. My main goal is to gain fullness, but not much size. I want to look like how I do in in my VS bombshell bra.

1- I'm 5'0" 113. I'm terrified they will be too big (decided during pre-op 300-325 silicone)
2- I'm super active & hear about them getting in the way & being a burden to some people who had them removed
3- After reading all the other reviews here on breast Explantation, I'm starting to think my reason for doing it do NOT outweigh the long-term risks/complications (10-15 yrs from now).

Most people with fairly new BA's love them...but what about in the long term? Is it really worth it for a happily married mother of 2 to put my self through this risk, when i can just "safely" continue to enhance with padding?

HELP! Any feedback appreciated

Okay, so it's Tuesday night now. Did you go through with it? If so, how are you feeling?

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