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I was a small B cup and came out of surgery as a...

I was a small B cup and came out of surgery as a 36D and now must be 38DD - anyway it was fun for a while but as I get older, I'm 48, I want to look more svelte and sophisticated and these HUGE boobs are not what I want anymore. They FEEL like two big bags on my chest - I look at pictures and all I see are these BOOBS. It's kind of embarrassing around my family. I have to wear two sports bras to work out. I'm really just over them.
I got two opinions on removal. One didn't have an answer. The other one suggested a breast reduction - I don't want all that cutting...he came to another conclusion to take them out and do lipo - he said the only problem would be that they could be misshaped. But wouldn't there still be a lot of skin left?? He wants close to $9K. I don't really have that kind of $. I was thinking maybe if insurance covers the removal - then I could just pay for the lipo - but has anyone heard of these two in combo to create a better result? I just don't want to be left with two sagging empty sacks!

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I too am considering removal of my 450cc HP salines I've had for 10 years now, and frankly am embarrassed by them.
I agree w/ Angiemcc, $9000 is outrageous!!! (even if that is including a lift), which you might not need. You look like you have good skin tone, likely you'll "snap right back" like some of the other ladies posted.
I got a quote from a PS in Southern California for a simple explant under local anesthesia for $500!!!!! (Maybe a trip to Cali is worth it)
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Hi, I think you should just have them removed. In my case my breast are almost the same size as with the implants, with very little sagging. I look a lot better than I thought I would. The only complaint is that I feel pain on the right one, I don't know why. I hope it's not serious. It's been about three weeks.
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In my opinion, lipo wouldnt make much sense S it would take more tissyr out and make them more saggier. It seems to me that your natural breasts would be just fine but im no doctor just my opinion. They say it takes 6 mos to a year to retract and fluff. I say removr and wait a year to see whats best. Remember lipo can cause dents and that fat will.never return there.
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How interesting the looking sophisticated and svelte are what you're after now that you're older. I love that! I haven't heard of lipo being used for this and 9000 sounds really high for removal. I think most ladies pay in the neighborhood of 2,000 to 3,000. Then again, everything in Hawaii seems more expensive.

You might try the removal first and see what you think before you do lipo. I'm always amazed at how breasts bounce back after implants.

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