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Have to Say Goodbye to Botox

I have been using Botox for cosmetic reasons for...

I have been using Botox for cosmetic reasons for the past five years without incident.  One year ago (March 2008) I tried a Botox for migraine.  This protocol is much different and the dosage is much higher, mine was 100 units all over the head.  Within three days I was suffering from side effects that were scary and concerning; tingling in the face, puffy/drooping eye lids, tighness in the throat, high anxiety, burning eyes. 

Friday I went back to my trusted dermatologist for cosmetic Botox, 21 units.  Friday night the face tingling started and by Monday, puffy/drooping eyelids plus the buring eyes.  This time the droop looks worse.

I have a lot of guesses why this would happen but in reality I really don't know?  All I know is that I will not be getting any more Botox as my body or face just can't tollerate it anymore.  Was it because of the high dose with the migraine protocol or is there migrating of Botox? 

I would recommend Botox to my friends and family and feel it is overall safe.  It is just not for me anymore.



The migraine protocol did not help me. However, many who suffer from migraine have found relief with Botox.
Thanks, bdub.
Botox is known to help migraine suffers. If you had such a bad reaction, you should have gone to the ER as this sounds like a potentially life threatening allergic reaction. ESPECIALLY if you had problems with tightness in your throat. Geesh
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