I Have Done This Three Times with Low Results.

I am a well-maintained girl - I care how I look -...

I am a well-maintained girl - I care how I look - not obsessesed but definitely aware. I try lots of procedures - I have done Thermage three times on face and neck with poor results compared to other procedures - I don't recommend it unless you have money to burn for experiment sake. I think Thermage is a great idea but it is terribly painful for not getting satisfactory changes.
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OK I have the final fix for the neck and chest - it works and it's not a gimmick like some of the others I have blogged about. It's the first procedure I have done that has been totally honest about how and what it does. It's called, Ultherapy. It's painful and pricey but worth it because it works. It does not make false promises and it really helped me solve my neck issues.
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Curious to know what procedures you have liked for your neck. Thank you!
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I have great success with a number of light peels. . . .the thermage is sounds good but I have done it several times in hopes of getting a result without luck. It is way to expensive to do for low results. An honest doctor will tell you this too!
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