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Have Been Very Happy Overall with the Results of Smartlipo. Worth the Money and the Hassle.

Pros: I have a waist again and when I do gain...

Pros: I have a waist again and when I do gain weight, it's not first in my trouble spots so I look better (although I am keeping that weight gain to a minimum). It's easier to find clothes that fit since I'm better proportioned. I don't feel that "sloppy feeling" from having my stomach falling over my belt, and while not pain free, I was back at work the next day and there was relatively low downtime.

Cons: There is pain, your skin feels very sensitive for a couple of weeks. You get pretty lumpy too but it goes away more quickly if you get lymphatic massages, and it goes away completely over a few months. There were two spots where I need touch ups but that doesn't surprise me. But overall looks great!

I did it because I had love handles that no longer went away with diet, and fat pads on my inner thighs all my life that made finding pants that fit right a hassle.

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I felt they did a great job and things looked pretty natural.

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