HATED the Whoel Experiance

I had 11 treatments on my upper an lower abs along...

I had 11 treatments on my upper an lower abs along with my love handles. It was the most painful thing i have ever felt, to me it felt worse than the day after i had my c sections with my children. The pain was unbarable, the money is gone, an i have a bumpy belly that no matter what i do to loose it, it will not go away. on top of it all I paid cash, i might not ever see my money again.
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Hello Dallensmom: I do went to the Las Vegas Facility. Boy what a crock we all fell for. Yes, painful!!! I just filed with Care Credit to see if I can get some money back for the 9-12 treatments I didn't get to finish. Like who would want to finish anywho - like after 9 treatments and your stomach looks worse than when you started....Dah!!! Later
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I was wondering what kind of response you received from Care Credit. I would like to dispute my balance with them for uncompleted treatments at FIG but am apprehensive because my payments and interest are currently deferred and possibly a dispute would make everything due right now (including the waived interest). You should know something within 30 days of your dispute. Would you mind updating me on your response? Thank you.
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