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Is there anyone out their that can tell me why the...

Is there anyone out their that can tell me why the thermage does not work? I am curious as to why the percentage is so high and yet their are doctors out there still doing this procedure. I believe that if there are no results we should be intitled to a refund and the doctors should stop. I received a letter from doctor saying that she has contacted the representative of thermage and that all her patients were upset with the minimal results they received although i would have been happy with minimal at least i would have gotten some result. She did say that they would not compensate us. What good was all that for. Upset about losing my money for ANOTHER treatment that did not work and by the way the wrinkles that I have around my checks is very minimal.
We had a Plastic Surgeon come and talk to us regarding reconstruction of the breast, she is very well know Dr. after the meeting I had told her that I wanted to know if she had ever heard of contour threading, and told her that I was interested in having some kind of lift by my cheek smile lines, she had told me that she did thermage and that she would strongly recommend that I do that, instead of doing something so invasive. She said that all her patients are doing this instead of face lifts. I have very minimal lines, and looking at them know they look even worse, (I believe due to the Fraxel treatments that I had and this did not even work and spent $4000.00 on this treatment alone). Believe me when I tell you I have very little lines I mean not even noticable, so I am not some wrinkled up person. So my consultant was a respectable plastic surgeon. We received letters stating that she had contacted all her patients and said that she contacted the representative and told them how dissatisfied we were and that the results on all her patients were minimal, I would of loved to have had minimal. It does not work nor does the Fraxel. My expectations are what my Doctor told me what to expect.
Thermage actually is the best skin tightening device on the market right now. There was a huge study about just how good the treatment was, and it came back with: >80% of people get instant results, and after 6 months >90% saw results. There is that small percentage <(10%) that didn't see the result. I would like to know what your consultant told you. Most of the bad posts on here are due to bad consulting and false expectations (in my opinion).
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