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What a waist - Hated the Experience - New York , NY

Thermage cost too much, is too painful and I saw...

Thermage cost too much, is too painful and I saw zero different from before and after. The pain was too much to bear. I have a good skin and needed just a little tightening. I had the procedure two weeks a go. I don't see any different at all. I feel I through away 4000 dollars. What a waist. I don't recommend it.
Sosalma, i am in the same boat as you! i am trying to put a group together against thermage/body solutions (company who scams people and does the same treatments) I dont know if this forum will take off MY forum link to have similar cases come together to put a stop to them. If they do take it off please Private message me if you can Thanks
We do not, as a general rule, allow external links in comments. Since we can't control the content on external sites (viruses, malware, etc.) we try to limit these links whenever possible. Please drop me an email if you think we could put something together to share consumer information on your potential Thermage class action suit. Regards, --Sharon
I can't believe this review is even on here. It's understandable that you want to see your results quickly; however, your consultant should have informed you that with Thermage you don't see your full results for atleast 6 months. Please give us an update in 6 months.
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