Hated the Experience Sculptura Made my Life a Misery for Years!

The use of this product was the worst experience I...

The use of this product was the worst experience I have ever had. It caused me years of tears and angst, was a cosmetic disaster and was extremely expensive to have removed once I found doctors who would help me. The injection of steroids into the lumps was extremely painful and did nothing to help, the needling of the lumps also did nothing but relieve me of $'s!! I would NEVER recommend this product to anyone. Since my experience I have heard of other similar cases where the product has also gone hard and lumpy. To add insult to injury I now have scars which I have to pay to have removed. There is also scar tissue on my face which will never go. Restylane ONLY from now on.


Hi Suzy Q - Please report your adverse event with Sculptra to the Australian TGA by filing a Blue Card: http://www.tga.gov.au/adr/bluecard.htm I realise that it doesn't help you now and I feel dreadful for you and your appalling experience with this product/device/implant, but maybe the Blue Card report will help prevent this happening to someone else? I noticed at my doctor's office that the lovely, glossy brochure for Sculptra is still on display. After reading the posts on this website (including yours) seeing that brochure made me feel sick. So many other people are going to get damaged just because they don't know the risks and aren't advised properly. If every person who has a terrible experience with Sculptra reports it to Sanofi-Aventis, the FDA and the relevant regulatory body in their own country (if not in the US) then maybe the manufacturer will be forced to change the status of this terrible side effect from 'rare' to 'common'. Sanofi-Aventis should also be forced to state in the brochure that there is no way for a person to find out if they are going to be one of the unlucky ones who develops lumps from using Sculptra. The Sculptra brochure addresses the lump/granuloma side effect of Sculptra as: "Side effects may also include tiny bumps, which tend to appear within the first 6-12 months after the first treatment, and may only be visible when the treated skin is pressed." Given the devastation Sculptra has caused to so many people, this does not seem to me to be an adequate warning at all. Please keep us updated on how you are all doing.
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