They don't take the time to treat each client like VIP - Hated the Experience - Aventura, FL

First of all if you do decide to have laser hair...

First of all if you do decide to have laser hair removal done, I reccommend going with a company that is not all about just taking your money, big corporations. I had a bad experience with Ideal Image in South Florida. They don't take the time to treat each client like VIP, b/c they already have your money. I have friends that have had excellent experiences at other facilites that use IPL that according to Ideal Image are horrible and their experience was more geared to each individual on a personal level and they got the results they wanted. I have seen it for myself and in less treatments too, so I wouldn't believe all the negative hype they try to dish out about "true lasers" as a matter of fact "true lasers" hurt more and burned me! I followed there instructions in avoiding sun exposure, I am naturally light skin as it is, during my last treatment practically one whole thigh received 2nd degree burns and now I have permanent uneven skin tone spots. I had found out that they have been using the same old lasers for the past 5 years, and that their lasers were malfunctioning frequently due to lack of upgrading their equipment. They pride themselves on being the most experienced, however given my answers to questions from the regional mngr and the quality of my treatments even before they scarred me they don't seem that knowlegable, or at least they don't seem like they care if their clients are happy, but they finally show some initiative when you bring up the word lawsuit, then all of sudden they want to provide customer service.
Btw, are you suing them for burning you? I curious to know. They cannot get away with that. I hope you get compensation for the way the mistreated and hurt you. Good luck!
So sorry to hear about your negative experience. Looks like you spent a good deal of money too! I am in Aventura and want to do laser hair removal (eventually on my whole body but I will start with a small area to see how it goes). Would you mind sharing photos from your experience? What parts of your body did you do the treatment on? What would you recommend as a good starting point? I think maybe I will start with the little "happy trail" on my tummy since I just did a tummy tuck. Do you know of any nearby places who are recommended? Thanks in advance for any information! I have been wanting to do this for a long time but only now am I really serious about it. :)
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