Hated my Experience

Fraxel ruined my skin!!! It took away the fat and...

Fraxel ruined my skin!!! It took away the fat and muscle in the lower part of my face. It left my skin very dry and old looking. I had beautiful skin before and was only doing it to stay young looking. I hate how I look now, 2 years after my last treatment. My doctor told me she was sorry that I had such bad results but did not have any answers for me. Do not do it, you will regret it!!! Lisa
Thanks for posting your review. I am researching doctors and would like to stay away from the one you used. Can you please message me with the name of the doctor you used. Thank you for helping!
I was wondering who you went to, and what setting they used. I had a really bad experience with Thermage, with facial fat loss, but hadn't heard this about Fraxel before. I am sorry you had that problem. It is very disheartening.
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