I would have mild swelling, OH MY GOD like a pumpkin! Hated the Experience - Joliet, Illinois

My experience was horrible, I would have mild...

my experience was horrible, I would have mild swelling, OH MY GOD like a pumpkin! for a week this is how I had to deal with the public, I paid for four treatments at $850 each what a waste of money, my son had said to me I don't understand how that takes away the wrinkles especially when you head swells up that big that it would make your wrinkles worse with all that stretched skin, my son knows best!!!! I did tell my plastic surgeon that it was not doing anything and that I did not think that the 4th treatment was going to do the trick, I was lucky that they are going to refund me the last treatment at $850.00, so I was lucky, and now that I have found this site I am another $4500.00 richer, I was about to give a downpayment on the Liftstyle Lift procedure and decided to google Lifestyle and found the site with all the reviews about the horror stories, so I consider myself lucky and I am smarter and now I am richer. Thanks


Was a nightmare, was swollen for months and only had one treatment. The pain was awful and the results were minimal. I am now left with permanent scars to deal with. I would never suggest this procedure to any of my friends.
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My Dr. will not take my calls, what do you suggest???
Yea i had a bad experience also tbis is the place for you to find out the truth
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