Hated the Experience and Looked Worse Afterwards

Hi there. I had Fraxel 3 weeks ago and had a...

Hi there. I had Fraxel 3 weeks ago and had a terrible experience with it. Severe swelling, bronzing and a massive cold sore outbreak on my face which I have never had before. I was on Valtrex for that and eventually that settled down. Don't believe anyone that tells you there is little downtime. I was out of sight for almost 2 weeks and when I told my dermatologist he told me I was unusual and that isn't typical and really defensive and disrespectful towards my concerns. My face looks worse and I have pock marks on my cheeks that weren't there before and one of them is little circles that follow a circle which I think is the shape of the laser. I went back today for a consult as to what to do next as I can't handle the fraxel and pointed out the circular scar type of dents and he tried to tell me they were acne scars from before. Sure, in an exact circular pattern! He was defensive and told me Fraxel couldn't scar and dismissed me outright. I paid 3500$ for 5 treatments and won't dare risk another. This is a scam and the dermatologists are in on it. I paid all this money to look worse!!! My cheeks look like orange peels when they were smooth before just pigmented. Now my whole face looks lumpy. Don't do it!!!!


Emma Please take this story to your doctor...I am so sick of this... No you are not the only one No you didn't have those marks before... No it's not an allergic reaction No you didn't use the wrong lotion ect.. No you are not an unusual case Yes this happens a lot Yes it gets much worse as the skin below comes to the surface...You are not the only one.. This same thing has and is happening to many,many people .... Yes the Laser caused it... It causes DNA Damage,wrinkles and scarring that looks like lines,holes and pock marks...Look at my pictures and post.. I to had nice skin before and it's a nightmare that keeps on giving..I had this two years ago and haven't left my home since.. If you email me I will send you some pics that you can take to your doctor...that will look exactly like what is happening to you to show our symptoms are the same... Your doctor is lying to you or is ignorant of what this laser does... You need to be treated agressivly to avoid more severe scarring as the layers come to the surface... And be monitored for skin cancer
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You can send complaint to consumer affair with all your evidences if your doctor doesn't want to refund your money and pay your damages. At least, he should refund money. Many doctors love money too much. I have a bad experience with teeth white doctor. He is a big liar too. I am sending complaints to consumer affair about him.
yes i completly agree with everything you have said Emma11 im exactly the same had the fraxel done and im left me with round pock marks on my cheeks and and ice picks and holes the poc marks were from the passes the laser made and my dermatologist said that it dosent scar and has never heard of this before and that these were from previous scars,like i dont know what was on my face before it has ruined my face!!!
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