Hated EVERYTHING About Invisalign!

Well, maybe that is a little bit of an...

Well, maybe that is a little bit of an exaggeration. I liked that they were clear, but nothing more then that. They straightened my teeth a bit but BUYER BEWARE! these do not pay small attention to detail like regular braces would. My dentist did not tell me this and after almost 3 years, I now have regular mental braces on my teeth and I am much happier! my front teeth were not aligned with the rest. Metal braces will now do this for me. Also my bite shifted and became very uncomfortable! For some reason they felt it neccessary to literally FILE teeth in between to make room for the teeth to move as well as to adjust my bite. i hated every second of this and I would not do it again! If you are vain like I was, think twice because, straightening your teeth in the most reliable way possible is traditional braces. They've been doing it for years so obviously they must be doing somehting right!


I am in the waiting stages of my first set of aligners, as I completed all of my impressions a few weeks ago. But I was wondering about these 'buttons' that I keep reading about in other people's comments. What are they composed of? What is the purpose? And they are put directly 'on' the teeth? When they are removed, don't they leave some kind of mark on teeth/you can't clean under them, can you?
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The buttons that everyone keeps talking about are actually called "attachements". No, they are not directly put on the tooth. There is some sort of a glue-like substance that is layed on the tooth before a little white rectangular attachement is attached. My orthodontist tols me that there are no traces left after they are removed, and I have seen this for myself on other people, and it's true. They are usually located on the left side, top and bottom, either on the canines, or the premolars (the tooth after the canine). The reason they put these on is because the trays need to hols on to something tight or else they'll slide off. Some people need more than 2, if their teeth are really bad. The only reason I know all this info is because prior to even taking the impressions my orthodonsits told me everything!!! I knew what I was getting into!!! I am currently on my second day of the treatment, and let me tell you I am in pain, but I knew this was going to happen as well. Don't be shy to ask the ortho. questions, they should be able to give you the full 411 if they are credible anyway. Good luck everyone!!!
I think that your problem should be with your orthodonist and not with invisalign. Invisalign works great for some people. My orthodonist was very up front with me, he told me (and told my sister... who is also starting treatment) that there is the possibility of having to wear regular braces at the end for a couple months to refine everything. Your orthodonist should have been clear that maybe regular braces would have been the better for you. Don't knock Invisalign... just encourage people to ask all the right questions and maybe go to a recommended ortho.
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