lovem wish i went bigger! - Hartford, CT

I had a semi lift done and I,got 750ccs on the...

I had a semi lift done and I,got 750ccs on the right and 740ccs on the left. I have HP saline unders.. The lift seems like its not working anymore u,will need another in the future.. But,they look a lot better than before..

I had a whole mommy makeover done breast, lift tummy tuck, and lipo everything cost me 12k.. This was done last August.


Thanks! I'll keep the docs in mind- I still don't know if I'll go beyond a lift in the future- when amnesia of this TT fades away. The lift was nothing compared to the healing of the TT- you must be looking forward to this summmer! Have fun!
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Any Dr. suggestions in CT?
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Dr. Charles Castiglione in hartford, ct or dr. Sorer in the fairdield, ct area
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