Complete Breast Numbness: 8 Months Post-Augmentation - Connecticut

It is now 8 months after my augmentation, which...

It is now 8 months after my augmentation, which was recommended to me to give me a huge boost in self-esteem, confidence, etc. etc... and I am now, and have been ever since the procedure, in an incredible depression, because at 23 years old, I have NO FEELING IN MY BREASTS ever since the bandages were taken off. No tingling, pins and needles, blah blah...just DEAD. PLEASE be aware that this can happen, this was NEVER warned to me as even a remote possibility. Now, I am told by my plastic surgeon that I WAS warned, when I was NOT; furthermore, no doctors I have seen, for second, third, fourth, etc. opinions, have seen or heard of this complication either. It CAN HAPPEN TO YOU. I may as well have had a mastectomy, because my breasts are essentially GONE.

No, nothing has returned at very close to 1 year. I am scheduled to have the implants replaced with smaller ones, because not only do I not have any feeling, but 370-390 cc's was just too big for me. I'm afraid of having sagging breasts if I just removed them, so I am having ~200 cc's put in (by a DIFFERENT doctor of course).

Thank you for your concern. I plan to make what happened to me more known somehow, because I can't believe I am the only person this has happened to or will happen to. It is a complete disgrace that it is not more known or spoken of in the plastic surgery community.
I'm sorry this happened to you. Any feeling return or did you find out what happened? Let us know.
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I am asked to explain why....please see above experience as to why I do not recommend this person.

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