Vaser/Smart Lipo Combo - Harrisburg, PA

I had a combo of Vaser/Smartlipo on my U/L abs 3...

I had a combo of Vaser/Smartlipo on my U/L abs 3 1/2 weeks ago. The first week was awful and I was in major pain, but by week two I was starting to feel a bit better. I have seen impressive results so far but still have alot of swelling, and my skin is still very tender.

Pro: No more saggy belly, which is amazing! I am back into my cloths from 3/4 years ago already and hopefully will continue to see results for the next few months

Cons: I definatly was not prepared for the grossness of the procedure, the post op pain, or for the long recovery. I wasnt told I would need to wear compression garment, binder, and visco foam for several weeks. (These are SUPER uncomfortable). My post op nurse said to wear them for 1 week and then just compression garment for 2 more weeks. My first post was a nightmare because my surgeon was so upset I didnt have binder and foam on. He said I would have no swelling or pain at this point had I worn them. (UGH, wish I had been told this!!!). He now has me back in everything until all swelling is gone. Its a real pain to try to cover up the foam so guess I will just have to let people wish and wonderf if I am preggo LOL! Not sure yet if this will make a real difference but following his orders none the less.

I am excited to see how my next appt goes in 4 weeks. Hopefully I can shed all this compression and enjoy the fab new me. Three weeks ago I wouldnt have said this was worth it...but time heals and now I say GO FOR IT! :)

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Thanks for posting your story so far. The first few weeks are definitely the worst, with all the swelling and draining. Hopefully the worst is behind you now. :) Please keep us posted on how your results turn out.

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