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No Change in Acne/rosacea - United Kingdom, GB

I paid £800 ($1200) for 5 treatments in the UK...

I paid £800 ($1200) for 5 treatments in the UK and no change whatsoever. I really thought this was the answer to my acne since i've had no luck with creams/tablets in the past 6 years. I guess it will be different for everyone but i went through really bad break outs between treatments to the point where i wouldn't leave the house. Not recommended by me I'm afraid. I have now started Accutane, which luckily in the UK is free.

Ugh, what a bummer to not see any results after shelling out all that money. :(

Hopefully the Accutane will do the trick for you. I'm not sure if you have discovered it yet or not, but we have an entire community devoted to Accutane.  Its a very supportive bunch, so I would love to see you start a review there as well so we can walk through the experience with you.

Thank You, I have been on Accutane nearly 3 weeks now and my skin has improved AMAZINGLY! I guess the Isolaz brought it all out and the Accutane is taking it away.

Yay Francis092!! I'm so glad to hear your skin is clearing!!!

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