Happy with Results but is my Swelling and Red Ichy Eyeball Normal?

I am 50 and have had heavy eyelids my entire life....

I am 50 and have had heavy eyelids my entire life. Now I am noticing I look tired or mad all the time. My friend had her eyes done and she looks great. I decided to splurge on myself. I am on day 9 after my surgery. I am happy so far, with the results.

The bruises are gone and the incisions healing good. Only problem, my eyes are so swollen and my eyeball is red and itchy. I was using the antibiotic ointment faithfully then I called the doctor about my issues and she gave me a RX for steriod drops. Still no relief after 3 days. What is going on? Any suggestions? I will be calling the doctor back today.

I had the Pearl laser procedure in June of last year. Titanium shields were placed under my lids and the laser passed over my entire eyelid. I have No tear production as a direct result of this procedure. I never had this problem prior. Eyes stay extremely dry and my visual acuity has diminished. Has anyone else experienced these results? This has affected the quality of my life. My optholmologist has confirmed damage to the surface of my eyes. Please respond if you have had the Pearl laser passed over the entire surface of your eyelids. Thanks.
I am scheduled for a 4 lid blepharoplasty on 5/28/09. I am really concerned about the dry eye that I have been reading. I have been checked & my contact guy said my eyes were not extremely dry. I need to put drops in while I wear my contacts. Will this surgery make my eyes dry permanently? I just wanted to hear from people who have had this surgery. I am 51 yrs old. Thank you
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