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I had lipo of my inner and outer thighs, back,...

I had lipo of my inner and outer thighs, back, subbra roll, and back of my arms and a full tummy tuck at the same time. I did this mainly because my stomach was beginning to pouch over a previous scar from surgery. My plastic surgeon recommended certain procedures and I also requested specific areas for the lipo.

I did a lot of research on the web and other doctors’ sites. I knew the medical group that I was going to get it done by years before I did it. They have a great reputation in my area.

Everything in the surgery seemed to go well and I had minimal bruising from the actual procedure (mostly some bruises from where they tried to get the IV in FOUR TIMES). In hindsight I would have done all my stuff at the same time. I actually had a revision and more lipo in a different surgery.

As for my looks I think he did a good job. My boobs appear bigger since he lipoed under them. I had to have my drain pulled early cause it was clogged in the white part that lies inside with hardened white stuff, I guess it was like fat. It is not my surgeon’s fault about the drain though.

If I don't develop a little pouchy thing again from it I will be happy, but as all the plastic surgeons say, look at how I used to look. I look so so so much smaller now. When I sit down I have no roll at all. It is straight.

I still don't have the nerve to weigh myself. The guy at work said I look like about 149lb. I started at 159lb. Could my surgeon really have taken off that much? At least it is good to know I look that much thinner!

Now everyone wants to do it. My waist is the smallest than I can remember and I still have boobs. What a wonderful thing!

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Hello,could you give me the name of your doc? How did you do all that for this amount(even that you had it done couple yrs ago,you had a deal)?How long did the all that procedure lasted? Do you remember how many cc fat they got it out? I am very happy for you that you love it:):)
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I went to Ultima Medical and Aesthetics in Germantown Maryland
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Sure would love to know where you went in Baltimore. Looking for one in Baltimore. Thanks
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