Happy with Juvederm

I am thrilled with the results. I don't look fake...

I am thrilled with the results. I don't look fake or immobile. I look 10 years younger and like I'm rested. The reason for the varied results, I think, is the doctor. Mine is a master at filling in the cracks.

She picked up the sides of my lips (as we age lips take on a little frown) restored the ridges under my nose, filled out my top lip, filled in my 11s between my eyebrows and my forehead wrinkles.

I think about half of my docs business comes from juvederm. I got Botox at the same time. Fillers don't last as long without it. It's been 6 month since I had filler and I've had one Botox touch up. If I were doctor shopping, I'd ask to see before and after pix or, better yet, a patient.

BTW, she won't use restalyne because, she says it doesn't last as long.

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I am also in the DC area. I would like to know the name of your doctor. Finding the qualified doctor is the most important thing! Thank you very much~ PJ

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I am in DC and would love your doctor's name. Thanks,
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Hi, Could you send me the name of your Dr. in DC. Best, Cat vellum100@yahoo.com
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