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Hi all, I have had 2 csections. The first was...

Hi all,
I have had 2 csections. The first was really low and so my second baby hung over. I gained way too much weight with my second and have lost most. I am 207 at this point and seeing a doctor in February. What do people recommend?? Should I lose more before surgery? Or go ahead and get it do done? I am usually around 170 and a runner but feel like the apron prevents me from being active because it's hangy and in the way. Advice??


Hey there, welcome!

Your doctor is going to be able to give you the best advice. The thing I wuld ask, is if you lose the extra 37lbs after having the panniculectomy, will you then have another apron to deal with. It obviously won't be a huge apron and the answer may be that you can exercise to tone the skin back into position.

Pleased o keep us updated and let us know how your doctor appointment goes!
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Thanks Kirsty! Looking forward to my first appt with him!!

Before first surgeon appt.


I would personally suggest losing as much weight as possible before having the surgery. I waited until i was down to MY target weight before I had my panniculectomy.
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