Surgery is Close! - Halifax, NS

I'm getting my surgery on the seventh of January!...

I'm getting my surgery on the seventh of January! I'm nervous and excited.

The surgeon I booked with thinks 325cc cohesive gel medium plus is as big as I should go. I'm worried it won't be big enough, hopefully after the pre op I will feel better about it.

I breastfed both of my children and while pregnant my cup size went from a very small B to a C/D. I want to be a D cup again haha so we will see.
if you liked to be D, then find some pics on the internet of what you want to look like, show them to the doc and ask what it will take to be as big as you want to look like :)

Today is the day!

I am just getting ready to head into the city where I am getting my breast implants. I don't feel nervous yet, which I thought I would be freaking out. The only thing I'm worried about is them not being big enough, with that being said my preop is an hour before the surgery so I will see if he can go any bigger.

I will update again later today when I'm out and feeling up to it... wish me and my boob greed luck haha!
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