Hairless and Happy

I got my laser hair removal done from the...

I got my laser hair removal done from the {edited}, Boston, in 2006. I got my underarms and bikini line cleaned and it costed me approximately $600.My doctor told me that the cost varies for each individual, so i might not be abe to give you an average cost. The experience was excellent for me for sure. The treatment was uncomfortable although the underarms did hurt alot. I had reddish spots and swelling for sometime but ice  took care of that. Overall, i was more than just satisfied with my laser hair removal. It has been over a year now, but still, my skin is smooth and lovely. I definetly reccomend it to you, if you are as sick and tired as i was of all those unwanted hair. It is a one time treatment and comfort for life! Editor note: you must be contacted privately with clinic or doctor recommendations and feedback. Readers should click on your username to reach the private contact form.

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