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My hair growth has not stopped after Laser Hair...

My hair growth has not stopped after Laser Hair Removal and i find it very surprising. I was under the impression that the hair follicles get totlly burnt and dead after a laser hair removal and that hair does not grow back.Even if it does, the growth is very mild and after a few regular sittings, the hair follicles get totally burnt and that on average 80% of the hair stop growing. But that has not been the case with me. I have  lot of hair around my chest and laser has not removed them. I went for 4 sittings of laser hair removal, but the coarse, thick hair around my chest and belly are still there. At first, i saw some improvement. The hair began to disappear. The treatment was slightly painful and my chest and belly was red for several days. I had 4 sittings and after each sitting, i saw some improvement and alot of redness. However, once the treatment stopped, after 4 months the hair bagan to grow back! This is so wierd. For 4 months i was hairless and smooth and then i started seeing a stubble grow back on my belly area. After the 6th month, almost all my belly and chest hair is back and i feel that i have wasted a thousand bucks. Laser is supposed to be a permanent solution but not for me. For some reason, the treatment has not been successful on my chest and belly. The doc says that my hair growth is severe and that i might need more treamtents. Still, there should have been atleast some improvement in the 4 times that i went. But no, the hair is back to where it was earlier and i now am in 2 minds about going again. Think i may as well keep waxing as i cant afford to go for laser every 6 months.


Now I don't feel too bad :) I also went for 6 sitting and my hair keeps growing back. And in some areas of my arms it seems to be worse than before the treatment... It seems that the laser stimulated hair growth?? ...
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hey I am 19. I tried I2PL laser treatment for removal of facial hair. It is even more weird with me as I went for all 6 sittings and yet my hair grew back, and dat too within a month! well there certainly is a reduction but it has formed patches and seems worse then it was before the treatment. I dont think they will return the money and I dont even know how to solve this. hey please let me know what you are doing to your excess hair now and if waxing has helped instead of hair growing out thicker. It might be helpful :(
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