Hair Transplant/Shock Loss

In Oct.08 I had a hair transplant to fill in the...

In Oct.08 I had a hair transplant to fill in the front of my scalp which had been thinning gradually.

Hereditary in my family.My Dr.implnted 375 grafts each one to yield 1 to 3 hairs.

I suffered what is called shock loss where the surrouning follices are damaged and those hairs fall out. My hair is even thinner than before! My research tells me they SHOULD grow back but sometimes don't. Any advice?


By now the hairs that were loss due to "shock loss" should be growing back. With magnification your surgeon or another hair transplatnation physician should be able to evaluate at what stage of regrowth the hairs are in. It can take up to 1 year to see the results of the procedure as well as the regrowth of the shocked hairs. 375 transplants is not a large number of grafts so the amount of shock loss is a little surprising. Always feel free to get a second opinion to evaluate your position. See a surgeon who specializes in hair restoration or check out the ISHRS web site or the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery site for recommendations.
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I was not informed about shock loss being a possibility.

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