Had Vaser Done on 11/22/08

I am a healthy person, but was having trouble with...

I am a healthy person, but was having trouble with my tummy area. If you looked at me you would think I was skinny, but when I lift my shirt, its a different story. I just have had this pudge that would NOT go away.

I decided to get surgery back in November, and its been a month. I look a little bit skinnier and I have lost inches, but my main tummy area is still a little numb and has only gone down 2 inches.

Also, there is a crease forming between my belly button and where I wear my jeans, its obviously from the surgery but I am afraid it wont go away or will look bad in time. Anyone else have this problem?

Hi everyone, I am a newbie on this site and would like to know more about the Vaser lipo procedure. Is there anyone here who has had Vaser on the inner and outer thighs or all around the thigh are (360 degrees) done? If so, before and after pics would be appreciated in order to prepare myself for this. I have a lot of localized fat on my thighs and butt and am thinking about having the Vaser lipo done. Any info or advise would be appreciated. Thanks L.
could you please share who your doctor was? considering procedure in ok.. and hoping to find the right doc is the key.. thanks
Have you been wearing your compretion garment day and night for 3 weeks?
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