I Had a Tummy Tuck One Week Ago

I had a tummy tuck just a week ago. I eat right...

I had a tummy tuck just a week ago. I eat right and exercise but have never been able to get rid of that tummy from my c section 18 years ago. So I finally did it. I have a lot of swelling, but I can already tell how flat my tummy is going to be. I am glad I had it done. This will balance out my body and help me look like the athlete I am.


I live near Panama City, and was wondering if you could give me the name of your Dr.? And our your still content with the results? If you would email me at lynettas@hotmail.com, greatly appreciate it!
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Congrats, Jen! I'm a week and two days post-op and very pleased so far. Of course, I'm still in the binder so can't realize the full result yet. I feel great and am forcing myself into one more week of recovery but it's hard to hold still! Like you, I was not overweight and exercise had me looking fit & trim with the exception of the rolls and rolls of skin on my torso. Surgery was the only was to get rid of it and I'm happy I decided to dedicate the $$ and time. Good luck to you!
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Thanks Queen and good luck to you as well. It is killing me to take time off from running and working out, but I definitely don't want to undo any of the doctor's good work! Hang in there- I definitely understand how you feel! I really believe that being in shape has helped a lot as far as recovery time.
Dr. Raymond Mockler

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