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Had Total Body Liposuction and First Week I Didn't Gain Weight, but by Second Week, I Was Up Three Pounds.

I originally thought I should get lipo on stomach....

I originally thought I should get lipo on stomach. The first doctor said I would need my flanks and love handles done as well to even the effect. The second doctor told me that I should get my arms, legs and above and below butt area as well as flanks, love handles, upper and lower abs, back fat, etc. done to have an overall pleasing effect.

I agreed to the total body lipo. It has been two weeks. I'm sore everywhere and very bloatly all over except my arms. They seem smaller but still are painful.

It is hard to say at this point if I'm glad I did it.

Scales LIE!!! Throw yours in the trash! My doc said 60% of the swelling down in 6 weeks, 90% down in 6 months. Be patient.
you are still pretty early out. From what I hear, swelling can last for weeks to months. Probably best to stay away from the scale until the swelling goes away- it's all phantom weight right now. Hopefully it will all disappear and you will be tiny and fab!!!
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Very experience doctor. Has several good looking celebrities as clients. Excellent staff, no one less than 9 years with him.

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